Effective Transmission Cooler For Cars

Transmission cooler is a device many are familiar with. It a device used in cars to cool the transmissions that overheat the car while driving on rough terrains or towing heavily loaded vehicles. Extreme heat can overwhelm the transmissions in the vehicle and the frequency of such loadings and towing if not controlled and decreased can cause damage to vehicle. There are plethoras of transmission coolers available in the market ranging at different sizes, colors and capacities at affordable costs. Therefore, these can be easily purchased for all types of vehicles be it the sedans on the road, the trucks that carry heavy loads from place to place or the car which moves to and fro on the mountain paths. The installation of transmission coolers in the vehicle is important to increase the endurance of the vehicle and provide it with a long life.

Types of coolers

As described there are many types of transmission coolers present out in the market some of the types are discussed below:

  • Coolers with tube and fin: These coolers have a characteristic feature of a tube running through them. This make of the device allows the incorporated tube to let flow fluid through it and the fins present on the periphery absorb the heat through the flowing fluid therefore cooling it.
  • Coolers with plate and fin: in these types of coolers the design is similar to as that of the radiators. The plates run horizontally through the body of the cooler and form a meshed bed like structure. Since in these types of coolers the area for the fluid to flow is more it helps in cooling down of the fluids more effectively and efficiently than the tube and fin coolers.
  • Coolers having stacked plate: These coolers are considered on the most efficient and effective forms of transmission coolers. In these types of coolers the plates are arranged as the stacks and the fluid is forced to flow through these stacked plates into the region of lower temperatures therefore considerably decreasing the transmission heat rates and helping in cooling of the vehicle.


Working of transmission coolers is quite a process. A transmission cooler is a device square in shape and is a thin structure placed in front of the radiator and works as an air condenser of the car. These coolers work to extend the life of transmission by absorbing the extra unwanted heat which can damage the vehicle and therefore their presence helps increase vehicle life. The process of working is that an initially a heated fluid is sent from the transmission heat region to the radiator and from it subsequently to the cooler where the fluid is cooled down he air present around the fins absorbs it and then sends the cooled fluid back to the heat transmitter and the loop continues.


Some important tips to keep in mind while buying a transmission cooler

  • Check its efficiency
  • Keep in mind the compatibility between the cooler and the vehicle
  • Check the installation guide and choose the one which is suitable for the car type and is easy to install.