Outstanding Results You May Get In Stacking Deca, Dbol, and Testosterone

Many are already talking about how bodybuilders get huge muscles and how athletes gain speed and endurance. Some also notice how fitness professionals or mere gym buffs gain muscle mass so fast even with only a few weeks lifting weights. With these outputs, it is not only diet and exercise which answers it, but with the right muscle building supplements as well.

Diet, exercise, and steroids, all when used together, provide exceptional results. Also, when mixing these drugs, maximum results are accomplished by the user. When talking about stacking, Deca, Dbol, and Testosterone combined together bring captivating outcomes. Only when the right dosage for test deca dbol are results achieved.

dosage for test deca dbol


Testosterone is a versatile supplement which is known to be a perfect base for stacks. It obtains both anabolic and androgenic traits which are helpful for a person who is working in a bulking cycle to gain effective results. Since testosterone is in different esters, for this specific stack, it is necessary to get the one which is long estered such as Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate. It is necessary to inject the chosen compound twice each week so as not to face any trouble when mixing it together with Deca and Dbol.

The Right Dosage:

Testosterone intake must be 400 mg per week. But for beginners, having a lower dose is good for them. Also, as for the cycle, it is best to run testosterone for around 12-14 weeks in time.

Deca Durabolin

Deca, which is a known nandrolone based steroid, offers lower aromatization compared to testosterone. It offers stunning benefits such as its ability to increase appetite and boost mood. This makes an outstanding addition to the Dianabol and Testosterone stack for bulk.

The Right Dosage:

Deca has a long half-life which makes its effects linger for weeks. You may inject it 2 times per week. It is best to have its dosage of around 200-400 mg each week for 12 weeks.


Dianabol or methandrostenolone offers stunning muscle building effects. But because it is toxic to the liver and can cause hypertension, it is best to run it with a testosterone as a base. This makes the compound safe to use.

The Right Dosage:

For Dianabol, it is necessary to have dosages of around 20-100 mg per day. For amateur users, they may safely take 50 mg of the drug as their startup.

dosage for test deca dbol

Proper Cycle

For the cycle, combining these compounds should be done with utmost responsibility. This is not for newbies as there are already multiple compounds mixed here. People who may safely run this cycle are those who have problems with their appetite or those who wish to get that bulk they long to have. The stack is also great for those individuals who aim for powerlifting. For folks who are quite sensitive to steroids containing estrogenic side effects such as insomnia, gynecomastia and water retention, using this cycle is highly not recommended. Additionally, individuals who are carrying a lot of body fat should not have them as some of the drugs in this stack may increase appetite and weight.

The Advice

Stacking Deca, Dbol, and Testosterone together may provide superior results, but this is only required for experienced steroid users. Beginners should not try to consume them as many steroids are already dealt here. It is essential to work with immense responsibility to weed out health problems. Proper dosage is recommended. Excessive use of these drugs may cause ruinous effects such as decreasing your testosterone levels as your estrogen levels are increased.