Weight Loss Supplements

The fitness lexicon is made up of some truly curious phrases, like “lean muscle”.

Curious, because you know, the body’s made up of just lean muscles. You don’t have fat muscles which become lean after working out. You have lean muscles which you can either build up or strengthen. Saying “lean muscles” just projects a certain imagery into your mind.

So, marketers and gym gurus know to advertise using such phrases to describe certain fitness goals like muscle and strength building without adding bulk or fat – more commonly known as body recomposition.

And while the prescribed methods for recoup are undoubtedly difficult, it isn’t as exhausting as it’s often made to seem. In fact, you’re essentially just working with the lean muscles you already have. So recomp mostly boils down to one simple thing.

Your diet

And instead of moving at a snail’s pace by following some list of Dos and Don’ts, you can use some weight loss supplements, which simplify the recomp process. Here are some supplements that can simplify your body re-composition goal.

Fat Burners & How They Work

Fat burners are a great way for you to attain a calorie deficit at the end of the day. They work by boosting your metabolism, especially your resting metabolic rate, tricking your body into using fat as an energy source so that at the end of the day, you would have achieved an overall high calorie burn.

They’re also an awesome way to suppress your appetite and your hunger pangs. Feeling fuller allows you focus on a strict recomp diet and helps with your endurance at the gym.

You can try Instant Knockout. It contains a lot of extracts with proven weight loss effects. And what’s more, unlike 310 shakes which can have lingering and unpleasant after tastes, instant knockout comes in weight loss supplements forms.

Best Ingredients for Weight Loss Supplements for Women and Men

Green Tea Extract

Has been shown to reduce lipogenesis and fat absorption. And it works even better when while you’re at rest by increasing your energy consumption.


Ordinarily, your diet is supposed to be made up of 25g of fiber per day. But you’ll probably not even eat up to half that amount. Glucomannan extract is a dietary fiber that supplements this need. It mimics satisfaction so you don’t get hunger pangs. Less pangs, less eating.


Yeah, as in hot chilly pepper, as in spicy. Instant Knockout contains capsicum, which in turn contains capsaicin, the substance responsible for that burning sensation you get after when you (mistakenly) bite a pepper. Capsaicin is responsible for that sweat your workup after eating something spicy. The after effects is your body struggling to cool down your temperature, which leads to more energy being expended.


Obviously, the staple ingredient in any weight loss supplements. Notorious for suppressing appetites and speeding up your metabolic rate. Downing copious cups of coffee may have some health effects but using just the caffeine from coffee gives you all the benefits without the side effects.

All the ingredients above are included in instant knockout, so it’s like an all-in-one fat burning pill with all the benefits, and none of the weird tastes.

Weight Loss Supplements

Best Supplements for Muscle Gain

Body recomposition is a twofold process. You have to work on fat burning, and muscle gain. Sadly, tirelessly working out at the gym won’t cut it. In fact, you’ll likely still get “do you even lift bruh?” looks from judgey gym goers packing muscle.

One way to gain muscle, is to make your body release more muscle growth and repair hormones, like testosterone. And no, you’re not to do that by injecting yourself with copious amounts of steroids.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

They are ingredients, mostly naturally occurring, which give your body the necessary tools to produce more testosterone. So, you’re not ingesting testosterone directly, just nudging your body to make more than current levels.

Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

Some substances like oyster extracts, potent with magnesium and zinc, Fenugreek, which apparently isn’t just for flavoring, and vitamin D have been heavily linked with the production of testosterone in the body.

You can try Testofuel, a testosterone booster made with naturally occurring ingredients. It has a track record of showing successful muscle gains in as little as 2 months in past users.

Wrapping It Up

Body recomposition really doesn’t have much trickery to it. Weight loss supplements, like those that shred fat can help in the fat burning portion of your recomp program. Now a day’s plexus slim become very much renowned brand as a weight loss supplement. There are lots of plexus slim reviews in a positive way on different sites and as you might imagine.

While testosterone boosters can help you with the muscle gaining portion of your program.

Remember though. None of these supplements work in a vacuum. So, remember that they’re just meant to supplement your main foods, not replace them.