The Six Nationsprestigious annual Rugby Union competition was originally called the Home Nations Championship and started out in the year 1883. This tournament originallyonly involved England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland,then in 1910 France joined the competition and it became the Five Nations Championship. These five Countries continued playing against each other until 2000 when Italy joined in as the final Country to participate.  This year’s Six Nations 2018 tournament was won by Ireland, but England hold the record for the most outright wins of the Home Nations tournaments.  Since becoming known as the Six Nations competitionthe only two Countries not to win a Six Nations Title are Scotland and Italy.

The structure of the tournament isquite simple with all six teams playing one game each against the other five teams.  This makes a total of fifteen matches, with two points awarded for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss. The six Countries take it in turn to host the competition so they all get the Home Ground advantage. The grounds are; England at Twickenham, France at either The Stade de France or The Stade Velodrome, Wales at The Principality Stadium, Italy at The StadioOlimpico, Scotland at Murrayfield Stadium and Ireland at The Aviva stadium.  This score system continued until 2016 when it was decided to introduce a bonus scoring method, with four points for a win, two for a draw and none for a loss.  The team with the most points at the end of the fifteen games is the outright winner and Champion.  They are presented with the magnificent Championship Trophy; it has fifteen sides representing each player on a team.

 The Trophy has three handles which symbolises the three officials, one referee and two line touch judges.  The team with the least points and at the bottom of the table is awarded the “Wooden Spoon”Italy have been awarded the “Wooden Spoon” more than any other Country. If you want to learn more about rugby and how to play the game then watch Rugby Drill Videos and that will show you everything you need to know.

George Lindsay of Scotland holds the record for the most amounts of tries in one game; he scored five times against Wales in 1887.  The player to hold the record for the most individual points in one match is England’s Jonny Wilkinson who managed to score an amazing thirty five points against Italy in 2001. England hold the record for the highest amount of points in any one game when they scored eighty against Italy in 2001.