Small Twitch channels can monetize their content with the new Twitch Affiliate program

In Twitch Follower kaufen ┬áthere are thousands of different channels from all over the world. Some are dedicated to playing popular games such as ‘League of Legends’ or ‘Hearthstone’, others to make speedruns and you can even find users who bring out their creative vein with contents that sometimes have little or nothing to do with video game.

Among all of them there are numerous cases of people who manage to become Twitch Partners , which allows them to earn money with their retransmissions through advertising, subscriptions and other methods, but what happens to others who do not reach that status despite of his, sometimes, splendid content? Well, for all of them, Twitch wanted to announce the Twitch Affiliates program .


Generating content and reaching Affiliate

  • Like when you start any new game, you must press “New Game” and give everything to achieve your goal. In addition, you must be willing to give yourself to the generation of content, because streaming is not a hobby and although you can play your favorite games, it is really a job like any other.
  • The first step to becoming an Affiliate is to have a constant Twitch channel. According to the platform’s official blog , these are the minimum requirements:
  • Minimum 500 total minutes of emission in the last month (30 days)
  • 7 unique days of emission during the last month
  • A minimum average of 3 simultaneous viewers in the last month
  • At least 50 followers

It seems easy, but the key is in the constancy, the Twitch streamers that achieve the most audience generate constant and original content. The originality is very important, because it seems that it is enough to sit in front of the camera, turn on your computer and start transmitting. But it is from your creativity where you can generate a community of your own and that you like your content.

If you meet the requirements, Twitch will contact you and you can begin your process to become an Affiliate. With this you will receive some benefits to increase your community. But this is only a first and small step in the career of a streamer, the next step is to become a Partner. And this is an achievement that entails more effort and dedication. In this link you can learn all about bits, subscribers and ways to monetize your channel as an Affiliate.

Twitch partner, the next step in your streaming career

As proposed by Twitch on your channel, being a partner or partner is for those who are committed to streaming and are ready to move up from the level of being Affiliated. This level is for generators of varied content, from videogames, music, talk shows, etc. Being a partner gives you more options to monetize your channel. In addition to having priority by the Twitch support team.

The minimum requirements to become a Twitch Partner are more complicated. First, because Twitch makes an evaluation of the content, the average of simultaneous viewers and the frequency and schedule of your streams.