4 Tips How To Give Your Car’s Sunroof Some TLC

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As a car owner, you will be enticed to customize your vehicle as much as possible. This gives you the opportunity to add in your personal touch. Not only will the additions make you stand out, but you also get to benefit from the extra features you’ll now have in your car.

A great Mercedes Benz accessory to have is a sunroof. On a nice sunny day, you get to enjoy the full experience as you drive your car. However, maintaining your car’s sunroof is very important as it can deteriorate rather fast if you don’t give it the TLC it needs.

  1. Clean it often

Regular maintenance is the best way to make sure that your sunroof is always kept in the best possible condition. Just like with any component of your car, the sunroof is going to look less appealing and might even be less durable if you don’t regularly maintain it.

When you clean your car’s sunroof, you’ll also have the time to check whether or not there are some issues with the moving parts. This eliminates the possibility of the potential issues going unnoticed. You won’t be caught by surprise by something breaking because you’ll get ahead of the problem.

  1. Use a soft cloth

Together with an automotive cleaner and a toothbrush, you should only use a soft cloth when wiping down the parts of your car’s sunroof. The gasket around the roof should never be cleaned by something that will put unnecessary pressure on it because it can lead to further damage.

If the moving parts feel like they’re locked in place or won’t budge, you can use a small amount of heat-resistant grease like white lithium to lubricate them. The glass should also be cleaned only by a soft cloth to avoid scratches on the surface.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals

Using the wrong chemicals on your car’s sunroof will definitely damage it. This is more apparent with the glass. If you use a cleaner that contains ammonia or vinegar, the chemicals may vaporize under the warm weather. This is detrimental to your health because it can irritate your lungs when inhaled.

Harsh chemicals can also leave prints on the surface of the glass or even damage the moving parts entirely. You should always make sure that the chemicals you’re using to clean your car as a whole are compatible with the finish of your car.

  1. Consider a replacement

There will be a time when it’s no longer sustainable to keep repairing broken components of your car’s sunroof. When this happens, you should look for options when it comes to replacing them. You can get Mercedes Benz accessory relatively easy on the internet.

There are also mechanic shops that offer package deals where they provide the service as well as the parts. However, you’ll be saving more money if you buy the parts yourself on a reputable website or at a physical store. Don’t hesitate to replace irreparable parts.

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