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Creating a Cool Look with The Addition Of Rims

A rim is an edge on the outer side of the wheel that holds the tire in place. It is an essential part of the wheel as it attaches the tire to the vehicle and that’s how the vehicle moves. Many people customize their rims for great looks to their cars. But a rim not only adds looks but it also improves your car’s performance in many ways. There are many varieties of rims in different sizes and styles that are available in the market so that one can customize as per his choice. The price of the tuner rims and wheels basically depends on the quality, technology used to make, it’s weight and size which are the factors that add the cool factor to your vehicle.

Types of rims available:

There are many options available in rims that can make your car look beautiful. Here are some types of rims that you can choose from.

  1. Spinning Rims: Like the same says, these rims create the illusion of spinning while the car is not moving also. They are not made with any particular function but are just that particular pair of rims that help in attracting the attention and hence they are very popular.
  2. Chrome rims: These are not made of solid chrome but a finish of chrome is applied over the choice of your wheel. They are also a very popular pair of rims because they look very shiny and bright due to the chrome finish and grab the attention. These are mostly used in sports cars. They can get a scratch easily so it is advisable to use them in sunny weather.
  3. Magnesium rims: These rims are heat and x-ray tempered which give an attractive look to your car. These are a latest addition in the market.
  4. Truck rims: These are huge in size and are available for big cars.
  5. American racing rims: Available in vintage and classic cars, it is also available for on racing cars. These are used for racing purpose due to the strength and its circular frame that can rotate on axle or shaft.

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Size of the rim:

The rim size is based on the size of the car and as the size of the car increases, the rim size also increases. Many people opt for a bigger rim wheel for a better look for their car. It also gives a better performance because as you increase the size of the rim, a larger area of the tire is in contact with the road which gives a good response on steering control at the corners or edges. This is called “Plus sizing”.


Having a right pair of wheels is more important not just to add look but to increase your vehicle’s performance too. This is irrespective of any car you may have. But while choosing a wheel for that cool look, there are many other safety and performance factors that one must consider.