The Perks of Getting Yourself a Used Car

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Many drivers prefer old cars over new ones. Americans are witnessing the effects of soaring inflation at the grocery shop and gas pump. With new car prices reaching $47,000 in early 2022, it may be time to buy used.

Used cars are cheaper than new in many respects. Used cars cost less than new ones, but that’s not all. Fees, insurance, and depreciation will be substantially lower than with a new car.

According to research, the average monthly payment for used cars in tucson in the third quarter of 2022 is $525. Saving $170 a month adds up quickly, and a secondhand car may save you thousands. There are other reasons to buy a used automobile besides paying less for the same model year.

Used cars aren’t equal. Before buying a secondhand car, do your research. Here are reasons to buy a secondhand car.

Less depreciation

Used vehicles depreciate less than new ones. When driven off the lot, new autos depreciate 20%. Most autos lose 10% in the first year. 30 percent in the first year of ownership. Used cars depreciate slower than new ones. Once you’re behind the wheel, the car has depreciated significantly. Used automobiles depreciate slower than new ones, which means a more consistent loan-to-value ratio.

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Reduce premiums

Age, driving record, credit score, mileage, and location affect insurance premiums. Used vehicle insurance is usually less than new vehicle insurance, just like the vehicle itself. Vehicle value affects car insurance costs. Because a secondhand car is worth less, insurance should be cheaper.

If your vehicle is older, consider liability only if your state allows it, rather than comprehensive and collision. Compare auto insurance prices before leaving the dealership to save money.

Reduce dealer fees.

Just like insurance, used car costs vary by state. They’re cheaper than new-car fees since used cars cost less. This includes sales tax.

Check your state DMV website for used vehicle title tax, registration, and documentation fees.

Better value

Used cars stretch your car-buying cash. used cars in tucson are cheaper than new. If you want a luxury car, you may not be able to purchase this year’s model, but one two or three years ago might work. Carmakers rarely revamp their models annually, so tech and style differences may be less visible.


The availability of vehicle history information has changed the perception of driving secondhand automobiles. Drivers may now view a car’s ownership, accident history, mileage, and more.

Before buying a secondhand car, check its history. Reports verify the mileage and if the insurance company considered it a total loss.

CPO option

Certified pre-owned vehicles can help you avoid hidden faults with used cars. Buying a used automobile saves money and boosts vehicle reliability. Manufacturers’ CPO programs vary. CPO autos fulfill a manufacturer’s criteria and carry a warranty similar to a new-car warranty.

Buying a secondhand car is an affordable option to get behind the wheel. You’ll have less vehicle depreciation and spend less on insurance and registration while still having an excellent vehicle.

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