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Top tips on money exchange for students going abroad


An advantageous and secure approach to convey cash abroad, prepaid cards are offered by every single driving bank and some non-banking money related organizations too. “It is the most practical and safe method for conveying forex abroad. They are empowered with chip and stick, making it more secure than different instruments,” says Sudarshan Motwani, Founder and CEO, BookMyForex.

A few associations charge an ostensible expense of Rs 100-250 for issuing the card while others offer it for nothing. Prepaid cards are valuable for day by day everyday costs, shopping, booking flight tickets, and so on.


Additionally, you can secure in the conversion scale before you travel abroad through www.foreignxchange.com.au/  “The material forex rate is the one upon the arrival of procurement of the prepaid card,” says Motwani. Guardians can top up the equalization on the prepaid cards according to require.

The drawback to these cards is that nations including the UK, the US, Canada and Australia take into consideration constrained withdrawals—around Rs 20-40,000—from ATMs in one go. A few banks may likewise charge an expense for withdrawals.

Foreign cash demand draft (FCDD)

Foreign cash demand draft (FCDD), which costs Rs 300-500, is one of the most effective approaches to complete forex exchanges. “It spares delegate bank charges, and the sum gets saved legitimately into the recipient financial balance’s,” says Motwani. FCCD is substantial for a half year and can be encashed at the recipient bank.

It is best utilized for installment of college and inn convenience expense. Remember however, it takes almost two weeks to credit the cash into the payee’s record by means of FCCD. Thus, it can’t be utilized where the installment must be made right away.


“Numerous colleges are presently prescribing interchange method of installments to pay the charges since FCCD requires some investment. Likewise, if there should be an occurrence of harm to the instrument (request draft) the discount procedure is long and unwieldy,” says Mahesh Iyer, CEO, Thomas Cook, India.

Wire move

A fast method for sending cash to another country, wire moves can be utilized for an assortment of installments—school application charge, educational cost, lodging expense, and so on. “It takes around 24-48 hours for the cash to be moved. A reference number of the exchange is offered quickly to monitor it,” says M.P. Hariprasad, Head, Treasury, CentrumDirect.

Wire moves may bring about commission charges from both the sender and the beneficiary banks.

Explorers check

Among the most seasoned alternatives, Travelers check (TC) is a protected method for doing forex exchanges. TCs are accessible in every significant cash. “They can’t be utilized by others if there should arise an occurrence of burglary/misfortune. They additionally offer preferable trade rates over money,” says Yash Sharma, CEO, QuickForex.