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What Should Be In Your ICO White Paper

What Should Be In Your ICO White Paper

An ICO document is a business document that includes everything related to ICO, your business idea, your plans to fulfill your vision, the team working on the project, your associations, a detailed description of how your idea resolves a common problem. The problem is the associated risks and the potential competition that a project may face in the market. If you are launching an ICO for collective funding, your white paper is needed to promote your sale of the best ico to invest in 2018. It has now become a tradition to have an impressive white document that can attract potential investors.

There are important companies in which there are teams of experts who can write official documents. However, most companies prefer to translate writing work to the editorial services of ICO documents. These services have specialists who can write technical content and know what works and what does not. As a rule, hiring such services is a better idea than your development team is writing for you.

Even if you decide to hire a writer with white paper from barrel package ICO, you should have direct knowledge of what your ICO document should have. This will help you to study the quality of the work of the writer. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the elementary components of a good technical document for ICO:

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Fascinating introduction

 An attractive introduction is essential to attract the attention of potential investors. No one wants to read the full 20-page report if the first page of introduction is not interesting for them. That is why it is an integral part of a good technical paper.

About the company

Investors are not only interested in the project. They also want to know about the company running the project. This part of the technical document contains all the information about the company, including the history, location, achievements achieved, goals of the organization, etc.

About the project

This is the most important part in which most investors are interested. The best way to understand this part correctly is to let the reader understand how your idea is a solution to one of the main problems. It is also important to mention how investors will benefit from your project and what your future prospects are.

Team qualifications

You cannot be considered important to mention the qualifications of your team members, but this is very important for investors. They want to know how well qualified and qualified teams carry out the business idea.


There are many possibilities that there are many cryptographic projects that are similar to yours. Even if your project is unique, there are always competitors. This part of the technical document lists the main competitors that may question your project.

Risks connected with it

Some risk factors are involved in each cryptographic project. It is important to inform investors about the potential risks associated with the project.