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Going pristine with abacus leaning tool

Going back to the roots opens new avenues for us in the present times which require loads of innovations that are life-changing. As new methods of learning have evolved, most of them are based upon digital aspect and there are surely some flip sides to that. Too much of digital dependence has reduced the attention span of the kids which spells out graver problems in terms of mental health in the future.

To curtail the aforesaid threats to human mind, some learning tools like abacus have helped a lot to nourish the brain cells of kids. Learning that how an abacus works? is crucial for you as a parent and this guide talks about the same. Have a look below to find out the questions to all your questions regarding the working of abacus.

What is an abacus?

Abacus is a simple device which aids mathematical learning with the help of calculation and there are wires and grooves where beads are located. This is basically a calculating tool, also known as counting frame. This is an ancient tool which helps in understanding the basic of mathematical operations in a more visual way making it simpler for the child to learn and to numerical calculations memorize for a long time.

If you wish to learn the basics of modern calculator, this device is for you. Have a look on the steps below through which learning mathematics becomes easier:

  • To learn from an abacus, first orient it properly by moving up the beads on the first row and moving them down in the second row
  • Each bead represents the number one so move up the beads equal to the numeral. For instance, to count 2, move two beads in the upward direction.
  • When you have the abacus in which multiple rows are there, move all the beads towards the right. For adding the number, for examples 1+2, move one bead in the first row and two beads in the second row. The third row will represent the result that is 3 so move three beads in the third row.

To learn multiplication from abacus

Follows the steps below to learn abacus multiplication:

  • For multiplying 2×4, move two beads each in the first 4 rows of abacus towards the left side
  • By adding the beads from each row, you get the result that is eight

Using an abacus the right way

We talked about orientation of abacus which means aligning the beads properly in the tool. You can also assign each column a number where the top beads have a value of 5 and bottom beads have a value of 1. When you are using simple abacus, addition and subtraction can be performed easily and each row represents a number.

There are various types of abacus and each row represents the numbers 1 to 9 which depends upon the type of abacus being used. This guide talks about the basic techniques for abacus meant for learning the basic mathematical operations.