Stumpys San Antonio – A New Option For Drinkers And Ax-Throwers In San Antonio!

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Stumpy’s hatchet house gives its customers another place to go full-on crazy. They provide people with two entertaining options for a crazy party. While enjoying with friends you can also hurl hatches at wooden targets. It offers 12 throwing pits and also a very beautiful woodshed party room. Stumpy’s also offers food for purchase and giant Jenga. However, If you want to drink you have to bring beer or wine from home. But for safety reasons, no hard liquor is allowed at this place. However, you have to be over 21 and have open-toed footwear for safety purposes. Bachelorette party San Antonio at this place lets you celebrate the bride or groom in a very unique way Also for corporate team building axe-throwing is the new glue for getting your employees together. It provides an alternative form of recreation.

Stumpy provides a rustic scene of hatchet throwing. So all the adventure lovers who need to seek a release must visit this place at least once. This place is owned by Mark and Trish Oliphant and Stuart and Kelly Josberger. Stumpy’s is much more than just hatchet throwing-it’s a place for friends to get together to create memories by doing something out of their comfort zone in a very unique beautiful rustic environment.

Bachelorette party in San Antonio

The timings of Stumpy’s house are:

  • MON-TUE: Closed
  • WED-FRI:5PM-10 PM
  • SAT:2PM-10 PM
  • SUN:2PM-8 PM

For any upcoming event or celebration, Stumpy’s house is the best location. Large gatherings as well as smaller events and get-togethers are also welcome here. You can’t get a similar experience anywhere else, and it offers something unique. By providing a safe yet exhilarating axe-throwing experience, Stumpy’s allows you to have fun in a very different way. Yes, you heard us correctly. Consider a world in which axe throwing is no longer a hazardous activity. It’s the second-best option you have at Stumpy’s. Party at Stumpy’s with your friends and family to relieve stress and frustration. To honor your bride or groom in a very special way, a Bachelorette party in San Antonio is the ideal option.

Axe throwing has gained popularity as a spectator sport and is expanding quickly throughout the nation. This facility is dedicated to fostering an inviting atmosphere. This location allows you to celebrate the bride or groom in a very distinctive way for bachelorette parties in San Antonio. As you enjoy your trip, they also supply buckets of ice to keep your drink or wine cold. You are permitted to bring your food and beverages as well. Even though Stumpy’s does not have a full kitchen, guests are welcome to bring their food. Lots of water and soft drinks are sold at Stumpy’s.

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