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Choose a wind resistant umbrella over a regular old umbrella

If you live in an area where there is unpredictable weather, you’ll always be carrying an umbrella with you, just in case. So if an umbrella is one such thing that you never leave your home without, why not invest a little more in it and get a windproof umbrella? Here’s why you should choose a wind resistant umbrella over a regular old umbrella.

What is a windproof umbrella?

Though the name might make you think that the only special thing in such umbrellas is that they are a little wind resistant, that is not the case. Since you are spending a little more than you would spend on your average umbrella, the manufacturers try their best to give you the best umbrella in terms of quality as well. So, quality is checked. Another reason why you must find yourselves a wind resistant umbrella is that wind proof umbrellas usually have 9 ribs, unlike the other umbrellas that have 6 or a maximum of 8 ribs. So this is one crucial feature that makes wind resistant umbrellas so strong. So you won’t have to deal with upturned umbrellas ever again! In most cases, wind proof umbrellas come with a teflon coating in the canopy. This teflon coating makes the umbrella uber water resistant. So you don’t have to worry about the rain water dripping through the canopy during extremely heavy downpours. Now, since the number of brands that manufacture wind resistant umbrellas is minimal, there is tough competition among the brands to come to the first place within the handful of brands. So they use every possible marketing technique to make you buy their product. One such marketing technique that you should take advantage of is the life time warranty.

Not all umbrellas come with a life time warranty! The weight of wind resistant umbrellas is extremely light. Though they have 9 ribs, they are not heavier than the usual umbrellas! This is because the ribs are made with fibre glass. Fibre glass is a very strong but light material which is often used in aviation industry.

Quality handle: Straight handles are more convenient as it gives a good grip. It is better to avoid travel parasol or sunshades with rubber handles as they can be very uncomfortable. The handle should be comfortably long so that you can hold it well. Parasol or sunshades with tiny handles will be very inconvenient.

A windproof umbrella is also available in a lot of colours, sizes and varieties. So you can have a tiny wind proof umbrella that you can slip into your hand bag or a regular sized umbrella that opens into a huge canopy to carry in your car’s trunk!

Another feature that we cannot overlook is the automatic mechanism in wind proof umbrellas. So you don’t need to worry about getting drenched in the unexpected rain, while trying to open the umbrella by pushing and pulling the handle! So with all of these benefits of a wind resistant umbrella, you won’t be going back to a regular umbrella after trying out wind proof umbrellas.