Here’s How to Do Your Gel Manicure Right

Here’s How to Do Your Gel Manicure Right

You envy someone who is rocking gel manicure. With gel manicure, it is as if they always have perfectly painted nails that last for two to three weeks. You have to understand that gels are made hard by being cured under a LED or UV lamp. There are plenty of nail polish shades you can consider as well.

If you are new to a gel manicure, here’s how to do it right:

Get a clear gel manicure

As mentioned, gel manicure comes in different shades. Since it will stay for two to three weeks, you are kind of stuck with the same look. If you can stand this, you have no problem but if you are after changing looks while growing out your nails, you need clear gel manicure and paint it.

You can get this done in a nail salon or you can DIY. If you want to do it at home, you should secure an LED or UV lamp, clear UV base coat and one or two layers of clear UV topcoat. Many love doing this at home because it only requires a little maintenance.

Geles constructores

Think about a hard gel overlay

If you prefer something stronger than the typical gel polish, you can consider a gel overlay or Geles constructores. A clear builder gel will look like a gel polish but once you put it under an LED or UV lamp, it will become hard as glass. Gel builders are considered for a subtle addition of strength to nails.

Pick a good base coat

The next thing you need to do is to get a good base coat. Base coats are designed for regular nail polish to adhere. If you do not cover your nails with base coats, the polish will streak and this is not good.

Choose colors

After putting the base coat, you can put any color you want. If you are serious, there are many fun and interesting nail art tutorials you can consider. When you need to take off the polish, you can remove it with acetone. Do not worry because it will not take the clear gel off. It might stain but it is a quick fix.


If you consider salon, you leave the maintenance to them but if you DIY, you should learn how to preserve it. To maintain, lightly file the shiny top layer. When you see gaps, add gel to fill it. This is important if you use builder gel.