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Textile Bow ties – Notable Characteristic for an Individual

Bowties are the men’s style statement and dress code since many years. Once, Mr. Jack Freedman told to “The New York Times” that “wearing a bow tie is a statement maker”. Bow tie enhances men’s identity. In the following article, we will discuss various types of textile bowties that have been fashion today around the world.

Ties Variants

– Monochrome Neckties

Monochrome neckties are available in all the shades and numerous styles. In any case, the single-color dark blue jacquard silk tie was the understatement tie of the style icon.

– Striped Neckties

Striped neckties signify that their wearer has a sense of the Anglo-Saxon clothing culture while at the same time they allow the conservatively dressed man to show through shining and bold color combinations.

– Dotted Neckties

A mega classic, the rule of thumb: The bigger the point, the more daring. Classic shades are white dots on dark blue or bright red, for the summer also small white polka dots on pink or bright yellow.

– Paisley

Paisley is considered as typically British but the paisley pattern is actually from the Orient. The wildly swirling fertility symbols work best on mat silk. For the business, these patterns are rather decent variants and in business basic tones such as wine red or dark blue. Paisleys in strong brown, green or yellow shades match the Sports.

– Geometric patterns

Ties with geometric patterns: Mache is woven in such a way that they look almost three-dimensional, others flickering dizzy. Such eye-effect effects make geometrical patterns a real eye-catcher but one should not expect too hypnotic designs at the table.

– Motif Ties

Motif ties are available in all styles of art. If you like such ties, you should choose them carefully. A gigantic cactus in poison green may be funny, in the business life he would provide for skeptical looks.

– Fancy Pattern

Floral, organically fluent, small or huge – with the fantasy patterns, the fashion maker can really let off steam. This is why the term “designer tie” is negatively affected by friends of the classic wardrobe. After all, many designers want one thing with their design, to arouse attention. Conservative neckties would like to avoid this.

– Tartan

A wide concept because there are hundreds of them, Italians also wear them to the dark business suit. Beyond the English Channel, this would be a faux pas because tartan bindings are reserved for country life. Here, he signals a sense of individuality.

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