Every teenaged girl between the ages of 16 and 18 looks forward to this one night. This one night, which takes a ton of planning and time. It takes hard work, unity and patience, so that the end result is absolutely spectacular.

Months of planning out the perfect theme, the right colours, delicious food, good music, great decoration and management, until the night of the party. This party, a semi-formal dance, is a celebration of everything that has been and everything that will be in the future for all the students. This party signifies that they have grown up and that it is time to leave the safety blanket and step out into the real world.

Girls especially take this significance very seriously, especially because even today there are some people who look at girls as the supposed ‘weaker’ gender. This thought process is wrong and to prove this girls put extra thought into how they present themselves on the fine prom night.

They take care of their appearance and make sure that not even a single hair is out of place and yet the image they present in not plastic but real because it reflects who they are inside rather than what they show on the outside. To do this their prom dress is a very important stepping stone. It is the most important part of every girls prom look.


 Your prom dress is your statement to the world so it is highly important that it reflects you!

It shouldn’t be something that makes you into something you are absolutely not, your style, your life. That’s the motto. The best way to do that in the most fashionable way possible is to find a dress that suits everything about you. A dress that magnifies your personality and lets it shine through all the layers of protective covering you have been hiding it under. Let it shine!

This dress can be of any kind. You could go for a simple Ball gown; a long flowing princess gown, which makes you feel like you’ve stepped into your very own fairy tale, you could also go for an Illusion dress; this dress could showcase the real you and also portray the hidden depths to you that will bring in awe and inspiration towards you from all the other onlookers or you could go for the fabulous two piece prom dresses that are now in fashion. You could use these dresses to create your very own look. These dresses let you mix, match and play with the articles of clothing you have present in the shops and create a whole new look which is absolutely unique.

So make the right decision because your prom dress is your statement to the rest of the world that you are here and you are ready. You weren’t born ready but your school life has prepared you to take the plunge into the real world.