Health Issues You are Prone to if You’re Over-weight

Health Issues You are Prone to if You're Over-weight

About 30% of the world’s total population is either obese or over-weight. Through the years, we’ve developed a lot of new things including elevators, fast food, processed food, motor vehicles, and what not that lead us to this situation. However, it’s not fair to completely blame it on the technology and development since we are the once who are not using them in the right way. If you use all of these facilities in the optimum level, you can still maintain a healthy and easy life. It’s is when the intended easy life becomes too easy that people put on weight more than necessary.

You can always change your health condition by switching to a healthier lifestyle. You can eat well and join a good gym near you. You can visit to know about the first gym in Indonesia with dual membership and gym access. Cutting off your appetite in a controlled and regulated manner will not really affect you but even so you will have to get a grip on your cravings and impulses. Hitting a gym after college or work is the other most important thing that you need to focus on in order to get back in shape. You must switch before it’s too late since being over-weight or obese can lead you to many deadly diseases that you may not be able to get away from.

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Here are a few diseases and health conditions you are most likely to suffer from if you’re obese or over-weight:

High blood pressure

Obesity and over-weight can result in high blood pressure which is a deadly health issue that can lead you to many other diseases.

Heart diseases

According to studies, obese people have higher chances of getting a heart attack before they’re 35. That’s too young to be suffering from heart diseases and you can avoid it by reducing your weight.


High blood pressure is one of the major causes of strokes. If you’re obese or over-weight your blood pressure is bound to be higher than normal levels and this will increase the chances of strokes.

Type 2 diabetes

Even though it is not completely clear why people who are obese suffer from type 2 diabetes, studies have proven that 87% of the people who suffer from type 2 diabetes are obese or over-weight.


As your bone structure supports your muscles and organs, being obese or over-weight can be really bad for your joints.

Fatty liver disease

Fat accumulates around your organs which will interfere with the proper functioning of them. If you do not burn this fat, they are just going to stay there forever causing you more troubles than you can ever imagine.


Obesity and over-weight not only affects your physical body but also your mental health. No matter how much a person believes that inner beauty is the purest form of beauty, at some point or the other they feel different or unattractive which can lead them to isolate themselves. Isolation causes depression and it can be pretty hard to recover from.