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How to become a Yoga instructor and start yoga training classes

yoga training classes

People are turning to the ancient discipline of yoga as it gains popularity as a way to create peace in a chaotic world. This was true before the epidemic, but in light of the present mental health crisis, yoga may be now more important than ever. These days clients may practise yoga at home with instruction from a teacher remotely, which is one motivation for starting yoga training classes and becoming a yoga instructor.

How to train to teach yoga

  • You must complete your teacher training course, also known as Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), to get work as a yoga instructor, whether you wish to teach in-person or online.

If you wish to specialise in a particular style of yoga, such as Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, or Kundalini, think about completing your 200-hour introductory training in that style. Some YTT programmes provide a mix of techniques.

  • Many well-known educational organisations with standards for instructors and institutions have approved yoga teacher training programmes. As provided as you have the appropriate work visa for the nation, after completing your YTT, you can instruct anywhere across the globe.
  • The time required to finish a yoga teacher’s training determines what category the programme falls into. It is typical, to begin with, a 200-hour YTT, which is the minimum requirement to obtain certification as a yoga teacher. You may sign up for a 500-hour YTT if you want more in-depth education.
  • YTT is more than merely doing asanas. Most of it is reading materials and paying attention to lectures, contributing to the 200-hour required training. Most YTTs need you to pass an exam before awarding you a certificate.

yoga training classes

How much do yoga instructors make annually?

While some yoga instructors work full-time conducting group courses, private one-on-one sessions, or health retreats, others only conduct a few weekly classes. While pursuing a profession in another field, you can teach yoga part-time. Many yoga instructors also work for yoga studios and apps on a contract or freelance basis. Depending on how much time one devotes to teaching yoga, one’s monthly earnings might range from 5000 INR to 75000 INR. It indicates that, depending on experience, one might easily earn six figures or more each year.

Looking at the present scenario when mental health is as important as physical health, becoming a Yoga teacher has a lot of scopes. Yoga teaching is incredibly gratifying if you love yoga. You could be fortunate and develop a following, attracting many loyal students to your lessons.