Durian Delivery Marine Parade: Be Amused of Amazing Services!

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Calling all durian fans: durian season 2022 has arrived! Here are all the durian delivery services you should have on speed dial so you may eat this delectable prickly tropical fruit in the comfort of your own home.

Do you want some durian? With a durian delivery marine parade service, you may enjoy the King of Fruits at home! Durian season lasts from June to August, so we’re in the thick of it right now. You can’t take durians on public transportation, so if you’re not going out to dine, check out our list of the top durian deliveries in Singapore.

Which durian should you go with?

There are hundreds of durian varieties, most of which are grown in Malaysia and Thailand. The flavors range from bitter to sweet, while the textures range from creamy to watery. You’ll need to know what durian to get, which ranges from creamy bittersweet Mao Shan Wang to D24 durians, which are equally creamy but less pungent. If you are unsure which durian to choose, go to a durian booth and try a couple to figure out which of these King of Fruits varieties you prefer.

durian delivery marine parade

  • Golden Moments

At a fair price, Golden Moments provides five different breeds of freshly packaged durians. Golden Moments offers islandwide durian delivery, with each order arriving at your door within 90 minutes. Durian Delivery fees are $5.99 for orders over $150 and $12 for orders less than $150.

  • Durian Empire Durian Delivery

Durian Empire has you covered with their fresh Malaysian durians. Durian Empire posts bundle deals and durian promotions on their social media pages daily, so keep a look out! Alternatively, if you want a variety of durians, Durian Empire also has a variety of durian kinds.

  • Durian 36 Delivery

Durian 36 Delivery offers a large range of durians at reasonable costs. This durian delivery business sells unusual durians at its stores. Durian 36 Delivery also caters to corporate events for die-hard durian enthusiasts!

  • The Wai Company Durian Delivery

The Wai Company provides durian delivery in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose your preferred size and durian variety and get it delivered right to your home. Durian delivery expenses are waived for orders above $99!

Most stores are operated by durian enthusiasts like you, who have spent years overpaying for bad quality durians, dealing with dishonest durian vendors, and eating durians in hot and unsanitary settings, so they only sell the best of the best durians. You may rely on Singapore’s durian delivery in the marine parade since they aim to bring the most enjoyable durian feasts to all of their customers. As a result, all orders will be thoroughly reviewed before they are dispatched to you.

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