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How to get Poke balls without Pokeparada

Poke balls without Pokeparada

If you also like to play Pokémon Go You will know that it quickly became a great phenomenon worldwide and is unleashing much controversy both for its positive parts and for the problems it is causing due to its misuse. In addition to these debates that will continue to take place, numerous doubts have arisen among the players. For example, if you are playing Pokémon Go and you have run out of Pokéballs what are you doing? How can you get Pokéballs if you do not have any Poke pads nearby that can give them to capture the Pokémon that have come around you? As you know, if you do not have these balls you cannot catch the beings in this game, but there are several ways to recharge your backpack with good ammunition. You can find out how to get Pokéballs without Poképarada.

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Steps to follow:

  1. Pokeparadas offer us many valuables to thrive in the game such as, for example, raspberry berries, potions, hyper populations, lucky eggs, revive and Pokéballs of all kinds, of course, depending on the level we have. They are very useful since every 5 minutes they recharge and we can reuse them and, in addition, they allow us to add baits to attract the Pokémon to that area and be able to capture them more easily. But, whether you have gone out to play or know how to play Pokémon Go from PC, what happens if you find yourself without balls in the middle of the game and you cannot get hold of a stop? Well, you have more than one option that you can use to get Pokéballs without Poképarada. For example, the fastest option to fill your backpack with a few balls is to use the game store, which you can access from the menu in the form of Poke ball and entering the central icon that indicates Store. In the Store you can see the balance of the coins of the game that you have left in order to acquire anything that is offered. You’ll see that only normal Pokéballs are sold in the store there are no Superballs, Ultraballs or Master balls, and you can buy 20 for 100 coins, 100 for 460 coins or 200 for 800 coins. You will wonder if these coins we are talking about are real money, because in fact it is the money of the game but to obtain it you have to do it by entering the Pokeparadas struggling in the gyms or buying them with real money. To do this, you must fill in the data requested by the application to be able to pay these coins that later in the game you can exchange for valuable and useful objects. In the store, 100 coins will cost you € 0.99 and there are larger lots that, of course, are directly more expensive but in proportion come cheaper.
  2. When leveling up in the game we are rewarded with gifts among which there are usually several Pokéballs. If you are still far from moving to the next level, perhaps this option is not the most appropriate, but if you are close to achieving it you can do several things to get it without having to capture since you do not have balls. For example, you can review the ones you have and you can evolve some Pokémon, because with the evolutions we achieve, among other things, PX points that help us raise the player level. Or, if you have an egg near the hatching you can walk those meters that are missing to be able to get an egg to open and, in addition to getting a more Pokémon, you will get gifts as PX points. If you get to level up you will see that your backpack is loaded with several things among which you will find the balls you need to make with the Pokémon’s that you have around you.
  3. As additional advice to preserve balls in this game we recommend that if you have very few Poke balls and have left to play, save the balls for special cases like when you see a Pokémon that you have not yet captured or if you have a lot of level and do not spend them catching those that appear every two steps and that you already have registered in your Poked.
  4. You may find applications or hacks that allow you to obtain the Pokéballs without effort or money, but you must be careful with the hacks since many can be scams and, if Nintendo detects it, it can prevent you from playing. If one day you see that the game is not working well it is likely that the company has blocked you and in this article you can find out how to know if you are banned in Pokémon Go. If you find that you have been banned, the only way it seems possible to play again is for you to download Pokémon Go on Android or iOS and register with a new email account in your operating system. Mobile as in the account you open in the application.