Fried cauliflower and brussels sprouts in pesto sauce

Fried cauliflower and brussels sprouts in pesto sauce

My wife recently went to the doctor for an examination, and she was told that she was “before diabetes,” which frightened and surprised me a little.

You see, she always followed a balanced diet and everything moderate. In the 30 years that we have been together, I have never seen her eat junk food (unlike me).

So, with high blood sugar, it cost me a lot of work. In the near future, offer food that you enjoy helping to lower your blood sugar.

The dish that Sarah loves to eat is pasta with pesto. When the doctor told him that he should cut the pasta, he was not devastated. So, I decided to find a recipe that tricked his brain into making him think he was eating pasta with pesto but no sugar.

I found one –

“Fried Cauliflower with Brussels Sprouts in Herbal Sauce”

If you’ve never fried cauliflower before, then you’re in luck. Of all the vegetables that have ever been fried (and I made almost all of them), cauliflower is the best. Gets a pleasant sharpness without losing water content. Brussels sprouts are there for a change of color, taste and texture.

Fried cauliflower and brussels sprouts in pesto sauce

Anyway, here’s how you do it: 

  • Take a large head of cauliflower (rinse first) and cut the inflorescences from the main stem. If the individual flowers are large, you can halve them and / or divide them into quarters. Put the cauliflower in a large bowl.
  • Select 10-15 medium-sized Brussels sprouts (wash first) and divide them in half. Place in a bowl with cauliflower.
  • Put 1 tablespoon of olive oil and mix well.
  • Place the contents of the bowl on a large baking sheet covered with PAM or other non-stick and distribute evenly.
  • Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
  • After warming, place the vegetables in the oven for about 40-45 minutes.
  • Remove if the edges of the cauliflower are dark brown.

Put the fried vegetables back in a large bowl and add the pesto sauce. You can use the cooked sauce or cook it yourself.

  • Mix well and serve hot or cold.

Chicken or meat is best served with this dish. If you want, you can chop the fried chicken from the supermarket and add it to the bowl. The flavors combined are incredible.

I also added black olives, capers and even anchovies to this disk to give it strength. We also added fried lentils, which adds a clean and crispy taste.

You cannot help feeling, serving this dish, that you eat pasta. Although the consistency is not exactly the same, it is quite similar to what you feel as if you are sitting on a plate with your favorite pasta dish.