The Benefits of relationship counselling singapore

According to some survey findings, there has been a rise in the registered number of divorce cases during the COVID lockdowns. It was also found that a lot of people found it really hard and were struggling. Moreover, the number of people coming for relationship counselling singapore has also increased. Well, this was something that was expected. Pre-COVID lives were so busy that nobody had time even to think in which direction they were heading. So if there’s one thing that the lockdowns have got us present to, it is our selves. It allowed us to be present in the working of relationships in our lives. But the walk to become better and better can be a tough road for some people. The misery and pain can be overwhelming. There could be issues from the past that obstruct your present living and harm the future if not handled properly.

Counselling or therapy, thus, helps here. Counselling is like therapy provided by a trained therapist who assists you in handling your emotional stress. Emotional issues, most of the time if not at all, have a direct bearing on the health of individuals. This, in the long term, can lead to serious diseases. Therapy helps us to avoid such painful life.

Importance of counselling

  • Understanding self– Being present to the way you are and why you are that way is a mantra to live a long, simple, and calm life. When you have an understanding of yourself, you are always comfortable in your skin. This self-exploration and self-discovery make you aware of your being.
  • Getting support- If there’s one thing that patients like about their therapist is their non-judgemental nature. For example, if you have visited some relationship counselling singapore, the therapist will not feel that you are not good at loving your partner. Counselling gives you the space to talk freely.
  • Transformation– Once you know the past issues that you are clinging to and which are not helping you in your life, you can try to let them go. It’s only after letting feelings sink in that you can finally let them go. Holding onto the past has a direct negative consequence for the future. But once you know the issues, you can work around them.
  • Better management for life– The duration of therapy differs from one person to another depending on mental health. However, once you are into counselling, you can learn to control stress, anxiety, frustration, and other emotions that do not help.

There is no denying that some countries are still struggling to talk openly about mental health and seek mental help. However, as a person who wants to live a simply great life, you should not shy away from taking the help. It is okay.