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Unique Features of the Sweden National Day

Sweden National Day

Sweden is one of the most blessed countries on earth today. Bear in mind that the country makes the top 5 position on the list of the happiest countries in the world. The country has so many public holidays, one of which is the Sweden national day. The national day is a dear day to every citizen because of its unique significance.  The day is especially dedicated to the memory of Gustav Vasa when he was elected in 1523 as king. It is also dedicated to the 1809 form of government. The country did not start the celebration in 1523 or 1809. Rather, they started the celebration in 1983. Before now the Sweden National Day was called Swedish flag day.  It is a day marking national heroism and there are many programs for all citizens. Everybody is welcome to celebrate the Sveriges Nationaldag.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you more of the stories that make the national day to truly stand out in Sweden.

Sweden's National Day

Day for celebrating Sweden

Sweden was formerly a part of the Kalmar Union, but the country broke away from the union in 1623, June 6 of that year to be precise. It was Gustav Vasa that made the breakaway possible.  Swedes were strongly affected by this event and by the role played by their king in setting the country free. They could not hold their excitement and favored the king with their love.  The Sveriges Nationaldag is the major event that takes place during the commemoration of the Swedish flag, you can find an endless array of colors in display too, making it one of the most celebrated events in Sweden.

Access to good foods

One thing that is never lacking during the Swedish national day celebration is good food.  Some of the foods you can find at the celebration are strawberries, fresh potatoes, herring, and egg.  You can also find fresh herbs for anyone interested fresh potatoes are usually harvested within this period and this makes them very important to the celebration.  Do not be surprised if you find many municipalities also organizing side parties and festive activities on the same day to further add excitement of the day. Everything about the day is focused on displaying to the world those great things about Sweden. The event also helps to bring every citizen together and make them feel like family members.  There is no religion undertone connected to the event at all since it is not tied to any religion.