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Different types of foot and ankle pain

Human feet are perhaps the organs that do maximum hard work. It is often taken for granted and neglected always. As age advances, foot pain is something that many people suffer from. Even sportspersons and dancers also get foot ankle pain due to the excess pressure on the feet due to their performances.

Symptoms of foot and ankle pain

Foot pain may mean different kinds of pain. It can be pain on the foot, ankle pain, heel pain, ankle sprain and more.

Foot pain is the pain caused to the joints and muscles mainly. But it can also mean tendons and fascias as well. So, when you have foot pain, it can mean exertion on any of these parts and that is why, a proper diagnosis becomes necessary. Also, foot pain can also mean damage to nerve tissue, in which, you may get excruciating pain.

Heel pain is another type of pain that is commonly seen. One of the common causes is plantar fasciitis or strain to ligaments present between heel and the bones. These are the ligaments that serve as a connection between the two parts. It is these ligaments that lend sustain to the arch. If these ligaments are strained, then it can cause swelling, weakness and irritation. Ligament strain can cause severe pain. Plantar fasciitis occurs only in middle age mostly but it can occur early in those who have to stand for long hours or athletes who run long distances or for long. The main symptom of this kind of pain is that it occurs particularly in the morning.

Ankle sprain is another kind of pain that often people suffer from. It can happen to anyone but it is mostly observed in athletes. Ankle sprain can happen anytime and most of the time, it is not serious and will heal on its own but if the pain persists for more than two days, it is better to see a doctor.

Ankle instability is a condition in which it is observed that ankles act uneven or become so weak that even walking becomes difficult. It can happen due to ankle sprain as well. In some case it might be the case of neglected or overuse or strain on limber ligaments. In many cases, ankle instability can be due to hereditary factors as well.

Treatment of foot ankle pain can range from simple therapies to surgical procedures, depending on the nature of the injury. Physical therapy is becoming much popular to treat foot pain as it is painless and relatively comfortable. But at the same time, any kind of treatment that you take should be under the care of experienced medical professionals. Get proper diagnosis done to find out the cause of the problem so that the right treatment can be taken. As foot and ankle pain can be different in different people and can involve a number of factors, it is important to find the exact cause for the best and appropriate treatment. Also, it is important to take good care of your feet all the time. Lead an active life and walk or run regularly to make the feet strong.