Do you think babies are born with knee caps at the time of birth

baby knee caps

Has the thought ever stuck your mind why babies are going to crawl in an easy manner, and in comparison you are going to struggle as an adult. When they fall down the babies are known to recover with a smile on their faces. The question now is do new born babies have knee caps? If you are going to analyse the answer to this question this is going to be a lot complex.

Before we proceed to this answer let us educate ourselves about some basic medical terminology. One thing you might be aware is that bones do not appear to be developed. From the stage of cartilage to the process of ossification they are going to develop. Once the baby is born, the skeleton of the baby would include around 300 bones and some cartilages. In due course of time the bones develop, and a few of them go on to fuse which results in the final 206 bones in the human body.

Coming back to the structure of the knee. It appears to be a flat form of circular bone, termed as patella or knee cap. This works out to be seamed bone (that is incorporated with a muscle or a tendon) this is bound to be exposed to reasonable stress and fiction. In the feet or the hands you are going to come across the sesamoid bones. The patella is held together by the fibia and the tendon.

baby knee caps

Once again drawing our attention to the question, do babies have knee caps at the time of birth? The patella of the baby happens to be a cartilage at the time of birth. It gets turned over to bone by the procedure of ossification. This would begin from 3 to 5 years and stretch over to the period of adulthood. In irregular patches the bones appears to grow. When you reach young adulthood a final expansion is going to take place that would lead to a sturdy knee cap. If baby knee caps were fully developed at the time of birth the chances of fractures would be high the moment they fall. The soft cartilage does go on to act as sponge or a cushion, and this would prevent the baby from getting hurt the moment they are going to fall down. One thing is for sure crawling does appear to be a lot easy when you have a patella or a soft knee cap.

Now coming back to the question and answer to the question, are babies having knee caps at the time of birth. An ideal answer would it depends. It all boils down to the question whether you are going to consider the knee cap as a bone or not. It all would depend upon the process of ossification along with cartilage development the opinion would be that babies are going to have knee caps at the time of birth. They are soft to start and become hard in due course of time.