Managing Migraines – Danger Signs That Requires ER Care

Managing Migraines - Danger Signs That Requires ER Care

People think that having a migraine is anything but serious. Some would just take a pain killer, rest it off, and hope it will go away in the morning. But did you know that frequent severe migraines can be dangerous? That it can be life-threatening?

Some people have migraines that are bad enough that they need immediate emergency care. If you are having migraines and you are not sure if you need to see a doctor or not, then you have come to the right place.

Differentiating a Migraine

If you have been having migraine pains, you can tell that it’s different from other types of headaches. Migraine is usually more severe and lasts longer. The pain is also more intense than a typical headache, with pain only over one eye or near your temples. Usually, migraines happen in response to triggers.

Common migraine symptoms include nausea and sensitivity to sound and light, wavy vision, tunnel vision, flashing lights, and sometimes, distortions. And most of the time, these visual disturbances only occur in one eye. The pain can last for a few hours or even longer.

When Migraines Become a Medical Emergency

So when migraines are common, how will you know that it’s severe that requires emergency care? You have to seek emergency medical attention when your migraine is accompanied by neck stiffness, a high fever, and changes to speech or vision. You should also take note of neck stiffness, confusion, changes in awareness, and convulsions.

emergency care

It is crucial that you know how to differentiate the common and severe symptoms of migraine, especially for older individuals. When a headache comes on quickly for older people should not be taken lightly. This is usually a sign that they need emergency medical assistance. This can be a symptom of an underlying and more severe medical emergency like a stroke.

Treating Migraine in the ER

If you know that your migraine is not like your regular headache pains and you have a pre-existing medical condition, going to the ER is the best decision for you to make. Here,  the ER staff will evaluate and help treat your condition urgently.

If you came in with unusual symptoms, the doctor will usually request tests and brain imaging to rule out stroke and aneurysm. Otherwise, these tests and diagnostic imaging tests will not be required. Instead, the doctor will help identify the triggers and cause of your migraines and provide you with the medications needed.

24/7 San Antonio Migraine Specialist

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