Stop Cyber bullying for a Safe Child’s Future, at Parentinn

Parentinn is putting an effort against the cyber bullying of young children and teenagers. Internet and the new technologies have a great role in creating cyber bullying and distracting the young bloods to take any unethical or a social action that ruin their lives.  Cyber bullying is such a disaster that increases the cyber crimes and the parents face serious consequences that affect their children for the long term.

What is Cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is an action that has taken place by someone using the latest technology and the use technological instruments like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or any other device. These devices used by a person who perform cyber crime to hit the innocent children  through different channels including social media, whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, different gaming web sites, chat rooms and instant text messages. It is the form of harassment, which a person uses to target the young generation.

How it Affect the Teenagers?

Bullying a Teenager or Adolescent put long lasting effects on their life. They suffer for a long time from emotional, psychological and physical stress. They feel depressed, being anxious, loneliness and high stress all the time because of bullying online. And this destroys their life and affects their relations and home matters.

The most effect of Cyber bullying is on the parents’ life too. Because their children are attacked by the unknown persons about whom they don’t even know. And they are unable to complain the anonymous persons that attack their child.

What does Parentinn Do?

We deal with understanding your child more better in order to prevent any cyber attach. It works to prevent the cyber crime by offering scholarship package for the high school students and the graduate students. The purpose is to prevent cyber bullying in the following way;

  • To stop the cyber bullying by the usage of internet.
  • To stop any young boy or a girl those are distracted by someone to commit suicide.
  • To stop the misuse of children by any company or a website on internet for trade purpose.
  • To stop anyone who distract the young blood to attempt any illegal activity after harassing.
  • To stop each single person who distract the youngsters to commit any unethical act.

How it works to Save the life of Teenagers

The students are allowed to write small essay round about 600 to 1000 words about cyber bullying. The essay writing is like a competition and the high rate easy will awarded scholarship.

  • The purpose is to see the importance of preventing cyber bullying.
  • How and why to stop cyber bullying.
  • How it harms Teenagers and Adolescents?
  • How it affects their personal and professional life?

The best easy writer would be awarded cash scholarship $1250 of each grade student.

So Parentinn works for the better future of your child to stop this unethical act against the anonymous persons who destroy the life of every single child. It helps the students itself in the following way;

  • They understand the importance of preventing this crime.
  • They are encouraged to report any illegal action they are seen around them.
  • They are acknowledged by the fact that cyber bullying is a crime and aware others for being targeted.