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The stylish part about Hifu Hong Kong is that you should noway miss it

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With HIFU treatment Hong Kong, you can maximum lift, and restore your youthful shine. High- intensity concentrated ultrasound technology employed in this collagen redoing procedure reaches the skin’s inmost layers. Shot congé to slack skin and drink a youngish, more joyous you.  Hong Kong is a magnific megalopolis that will leave you speechless. Civic living, however, can harm our attractiveness. Collagen filaments in the skin break down as a result of environmental pollutants and the natural aging process. Increased laxity results in spongy skin, a droopier and rounder face, and a more gaunt appearance. Results are seen right down, and the stylish bones , with skin that’s visibly lifted and defined, can be anticipated between one and three months after treatment. Where is your area of concern? The full, upper, or lower facelift, double chins, neck miserliness, and appearance of a fat face can all be effectively treated with the HIFU Hong Kong facial procedure.


By applying concentrated ultrasonic energy to the target area, HIFU enables temperatures to reach up to 70 °C comfortably without venturing the skin’s face. This is the onlynon-invasive product on the request that targets1.5 mm, 3 mm, and4.5 mm deep with energy for skin tightening and lifting. The HIFU is the ideal treatment for skin tightening, facial sculpting, and the junking of redundant fat due to the large volume of energy it emits.

hifu treatment hong kong

 still, medical professionals should only use HIFU after entering the necessary training. For surgical trainees, the ancient tutoring system of” see one, do one, educate one” is no longer in use. The ideal design of surgical HIFU training should enable surgeons to learn HIFU procedures by picking their cases and illness subjects and by learning them gradationally following their applicable position of acquired capacities.

 Optimum results can be anticipated from one to three months and collagen redoing of the face takes about 13 weeks to significantly ameliorate overall complexion. After only 2 to 4 sessions you can anticipate long- continuing results of 3 to 6 months.


In response to this energy, the skin promotes the product of new, vibrant collagen and elastin. Watch the beauty of sound as the skin is lifted and tensed over two to three months, returning it to a more immature and form- lifting state. It has been claimed that advancements last longer than a time and can last for over to 6 months.