AIR PURIFIER: A Friendly Health Savior

AIR PURIFIER A Friendly Health Savior

What is more satisfying when you breathe clean air inside your home. Air purifiers are apparatus wherein it eliminated impurities from the air in a certain room in our home. It is often used by elderly and those people who suffers allergies and asthma. It is also a device which reduces the second-hand smoke made by cigarettes or vehicles.

Top air purifier in Malaysia filter air from harmful and undesirable particles in air such as destructive gases, bad odor and dirty dust that can may be risky to our health. Making your home free from unwanted contaminants and free from possible diseases.

Cuckoo offers 2 types of air purifier, the B and C model air purifiers. They are both plasma ionizer. The difference is B model offers 8-level of filtration while C offers 7 levels only. B model has a voice command and smart timer feature and it is 1.5 times bigger than a common air purifier. B model is used by Korean Air Cleaning Association. It offers 5 filters namely pre-filter, allergen plus, harmful gas relax, deodorant and 4 in 1 HEPA filter.

C Model has 6 color air purifier indicator and it guides users by a voice. It is budget friendly with its energy-saving capabilities and it also have room care air purification technology having 4 filters in it such as pre-filter, functional filter, deodorant filter and 4 in 1 HEPA filter.

Top air purifier in Malaysia

Significant Uses of Air Purifiers

Many airborne diseases are now widely scattered anywhere. Air purifiers help us in achieving a pure, clean and chemical-free air to breathe. Having an air purifier is a plus especially for pregnant women and babies. Babies and Pregnant women are usually prone to harmful diseases and easy to get illness because they are fragile. Air purifier prevents risky type of chemicals which is not good for pregnant women and babies.

Air Purifier maintains clean air which elderly and asthmatic people need. It filters the air from dust, pollens, bacterias and second-hand smoke which triggers mostly people with airborne diseases. Air purifiers also provides odorless environment especially when you reside in mountains, near agricultural sites and even while repainting your home.

It helps achieving a good environment, less stress and hassle and away from disease transmitted by air. Top air purifier in Malaysia offers air purifiers which fits your household. You just need to choose which suits your home.


Air purifiers regulates unwanted pollutant, bacteria and viruses around our home. It passes through a filter making dirty air to clean and pure air. Having an air purifier is a good investment. It will lessen your worries especially for people with allergies and asthma. Air purifier protects us from diseases leading to a very healthy lifestyle.