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Qualification of a Lighting Designer

In order to make your house and its surroundings beautiful and better, you need to install proper lighting distinctions outdoor systems. Doing so will help your house look more attractive. Being a professional lighting designer is not an easy task but choosing a professional designer is even more difficult. Every designer, electrical related contractor and distributors and lighting trailers call themselves a lighting designer once they have their own business card. There are a few ways to choose a qualified, full-time, independent, professional designer. Some of the ways have been discussed below.

IALD Professional and Associate members

IALD is the International Association of Lighting Designers that recognizes lighting professionals who are good at design. Membership is provided to professionals who have an experience in the field. The members of IALD must follow the rules of ethics that are set by the organization. The role of IALD is setting high standards in the profession of lighting design and to excel in lighting design to build the environment. If the person is having anIALD certificate, then you can be assured of their performance and you can confidently go forward and hire them.

Certificate of Certified Lighting Designer (CLD)

Every professional lighting designer is provided with a certificate that proves the authenticity of their profession. This certificate is called a Certified Lighting Designer or CLD. An international task force is assembled so that they can identify professional credentials based on their potential. The certification is based on the assessment which is listed over seven domains of practice. These domains were identified after extensive research and surveys. The certificate from CLD is another certificate which you should check from the lighting company or the professional who you’re about to hire. Having this certificate will make it easy for you to select the best lighting designer who has knowledge about lighting distinctions outdoor systems.

Awards and prizes

There are various awards that are presented in the world of professional lighting designers. These awards are presented to those people or companies who have achieved a lot in this field. It indicates the talents and skills of the designer. Various lighting companies participate in these competitions. If the company you’re hiring has received such awards, then you can confidently choose the company for designing your lighting.


Not all people who call themselves lighting designers are actual designers. There are certain certifications that lighting designers must have in order to call themselves ‘professional lighting designers.’ The above-described certificates are some of the many certificates that the designer must have to claim themselves as professional lighting designers. Those who have the above certificates are said to be qualified as a professional in the field of the lighting designer.