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Adapting to Customer Behaviour Post Pandemic Crisis

Marketing is at its heart the practice of figuring out how the customer can be made to do something. In most cases, the customer has to be made to buy a product or atleast take a step in the process of doing the same.

This type of work requires an acute understanding of human behaviour on the part of professionals. Without knowing how customers behave, a marketing process can never really work.

Right now, outside marketing, a huge pandemic has gripped the conscience of the world. Nothing is in the attention span of people other than the health and safety of their family and friends besides their own.

There will come a time when this crisis ends and normalcy is restored. That is when marketing will return as well. At this point in time, understanding the psyche of people resuming their normal life will become crucial to finding success in marketing.

In this article, we discuss how marketers will have to adapt to customer behaviour post-pandemic crisis.

Starting with Top Funnel Strategy

For people returning after being locked at home for an unusually long time, everything will be new. They will not be in the mid or lower funnel of any marketer. They will have to be made aware all over again. This means content and marketing tactics will have to be geared around top-funnel customer traits and not lower-funnel prospects.

Acknowledge the Crisis

Pretending that nothing has happened during this extended period of nothingness will be catastrophic for your business. People would want to be treated with honesty. Through your content and messaging, acknowledge the fact that things are not rosy and cheerful as they’ve always been. Denial might work for a while, but it’s not a long term strategy.

Do Not be Overly Promotional

The first few communications you have with customers after the end of the lockdown should be about awareness. Do not try selling something to people at the beginning. This will drive them away. Treat them like curious patrons by giving them new knowledge and valuable insight. Expect nothing but their curiosity in return.

In Conclusion

Any marketer with even a little speck of marketing instinct knows that things won’t be the same once the current pandemic ends and the crisis comes to an ebb. Customer behaviour and habits would be much different from normal. In this article, we discussed some of these changes and how marketers should adapt to the same. We’re also sharing a list of Top Ten Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi to know more on this topic.

About the Author – Ratan Lal Singh is a marketing analyst and strategist with a solid background in working for the biggest MNCs and conglomerates as an advisor and consulting strategist. He currently works as a guest trainer and lecturer at DelhiCourses.in, a training institute popular for its digital marketing course in Delhi.