A weed grinder is literally an herb grinder. It crushes the herbs easily so that you do not have to struggle with the process of crushing it with hand. Generally all weed grinders are cylindrical in shape and it can be separated into two pieces. Once you open the weed grinder you will notice a jagged interior which are where you will find the blades that grind the weed. You can load in some herbs inside the weed grinder for a result of well shredded herbs and weeds. This is often possible with some of the best weed grinder in the market.

Importance of using a weed grinder:

The fact is that using the best weed grinder to ground your herbs and gives to you the maximum use of the dry herbs in smaller amounts. If you are spending a lot on herbs then this is the best way to go. Some of the best weed grinders come with a filter that catches the kief which allows you to enjoy the more potent and pure part of the herb. Besides by grinding up herbs they are likely to take up a very less space. Using a weed grinder to grind the herbs takes very less time and strain than when compared to doing it by your hands.

Choosing the right type of grinder:

There are many weed grinders I the market now. It is important to use the one that suits your purpose. There are various types that suit many different amounts of herbs. Some of the different compositions of the weed grinders include the following additions to the equipment.

    • Grinders with storage space
    • Grinders with glass holes
    • Ceramic coated
    • Magnetic pollen screen
  • Fine or rough pollen filter
  • Exchangeable teeth
  • Perfect grip

 How to use the weed grinder:

To grind powder your herb, you should first know how to use the grinder.

  • Load the grinder: First remove the lid and put in the contents of which you want to be powdered. Do not put anything in the center of the grinder.
  • Grind your herb: Put in the lid on top and hold the grinder with one hand and rotate the lid with the other hand. Make sure you give it a little muscle at first.
  • Tap the grinder: Before removing the lid, give the lid a tap so that the dislodged herbs can fall into the collection portion of the grinder and more kief is pushed over the screen.
  • Collect your herbs: Once you open separate the collection chamber from the grinding chamber and take out your powdered herbs. Be careful to not damage the filter screen.
  • Enjoy: Take out and brew your herb into whatever suits your fancy and enjoy them.