Types of Hijab one can wear

Hijab is what people commonly know as veils or scarves which are mainly worn on the head. It is mainly used by the Muslim women to cover their head. In fact, the word ‘hijab’ itself means ‘cover’. One can find different forms of hijab though. For Muslim women, wearing a hijab means showing a form of modesty. This has also become a part of their cultural practice.

Before doing online hijab shopping, one needs to gain a bit of knowledge about it. The first kind of hijab we find in history is a kind of square cloth which was worn by the women of West. It used to cover the head and the neck but there are no coverings on the face. This is what an authentic hijab looks like.

Then there is another form of head scarf called the Shayla. This one is a long scarf which is rectangular in shape and it is wrapped loosely around the head and pinned on the shoulders. Here is covers the head only and leaves the neck and the shoulder clear.

Khimar on the other hand is a long and cape like scarf which can be wrapped around the head and it hangs in the middle of the back. This is a kind of hijab which covers the head, neck and the shoulders while it never covers the face.

Chador is a long cloak which can actually cover the entire body of a woman. This can also be wrapped around the head but it does not hang in the middle of the back. It goes straight till the toes of a woman. That is why; it can cover the entire body of a woman.

On the other hand Niqab is something which covers the face from the front side. It covers the entire face but keep the eye’s area open. One can wear khimar along with the niqab to cover both the front and the back.

Burqa is something which covers the entire body including the face. There is a small mesh screen on the cloth in the eye area so that one can see through it.

But the question is why a woman should wear hijab? Many Muslim women do that with the belief that God has instructed them to wear it to fulfil the command for modesty. To many women, wearing a hijab is a matter of choice which they can make post puberty. One also wears a hijab along with a loose fitting cloth which are not revealing. Some Muslim women wear them to convey their identity as this is a stereotype to them. But to many women, wearing a hijab is also not a matter of choice. To them it is something which is compulsory because their religious faith asks them to do so. Even if it is not their personal choice, they have to wear them to belong to the community and show faith to them.

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