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Features that best gaming laptop under Budget price should have

Laptops for inexpensive games are commonly used by mid-level casual players. There are many features that are important in a gaming laptop, so let’s list them one by one.

    The processor A good gaming laptop should use a new or newer chip set, preferably a 6 or 7 generation Intel chip.

  • Decent graphics chip set: graphics are perhaps the most important feature for gaming laptops. Games like GTA 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc., as well as other new multiplayer games, have realistic three-dimensional graphics that work at a high frame rate per second, usually more than 40 frames per second in medium or high settings.
  • RAM: Speaking from memory, how can you forget that RAM should also have at least 4 GB and really 8 GB or more to get the right gaming experience?
  • Battery life: start any new or modern game, and on most laptops, the battery will run out after 1.5-2 hours. This is a fact. However, the battery life is important, as well as the time taken to charge the battery.
  • Cooling: ignore it at your own risk. The best gaming laptop under 60000 in 2019 are those that have decent cooling fans, sometimes more than one, that are not too noisy, but at the same time are powerful and capable of maintaining the temperature of the laptop even in high game configurations.

best gaming laptop under 60000

  • Keyboard: A backlit keyboard is usually a standard requirement, even for this type of gaming laptops, so you should see that this type of keyboard is installed on a laptop. Also, it should not be a completely flat keyboard and provide a good keypress experience. This seems like a small requirement, but it’s definitely important.
  • Screen Perhaps one of the most important requirements is the presence of a screen, as well as a screen like TN or IPS. The IPS screen should be preferred because it provides the best view from all angles.
  • SSD storage: although SSD will not necessarily improve fps (although this may soften some bursts in games with large environments), it reduces boot times, and Windows feels better with SSD, browser’s open tabs, etc.
  • Sound: Last but not least, there should be a decent sound system on the laptop. Most good gaming laptops in this price range have a decent sound system, for example, some have Harman Kardon speakers or Dolby 5.1 speakers, etc. 

How to check these features when buying a gaming laptop

Above there is a list of important features, but you will not find all laptops better in all these features. You may need to become familiar with revisions of laptops for games and evaluate these features accordingly, and then make a purchase decision.

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