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Getting Instagram Followers Free: The Easy Way

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get Instagram likes for free? Sadly, this isn’t possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your reach on the photo-sharing app. We have some tips to help you get followers so that you can get more likes and ultimately be the “best in the show.” You need a few minutes of your time, and maybe a follow or two from someone with a lot of influence. Once you get a few people to follow you, more people are likely to do so. And when they see that your photos are getting popular, they might also want to follow you.


This works better than following the people you bought from, though it could get you banned from Instagram. According to the website, this trick has been used by celebrities who don’t want their large fan bases to lose interest in their accounts. But it can work for regular users too.


Some famous people like Kim Kardashian West use bots to get thousands of instagram followers. While this is frowned upon, you can use this method without breaking any rules. You might get the “follow back” feature disabled, but the chances of getting caught doing this are virtually zero. You can always Buy instagram followers and likes later if your account is disabled.


Before you even think about following other Instagram users, you must know your target audience. Look at their accounts and see what they post, who their followers are, and who they follow. You can figure this out by checking out the “info” page in profiles or scouring hashtags.

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Once you know your target audience, you can start looking for accounts run by influencers. They usually have a huge following, and even if they don’t have large following, they have a diverse following. They often follow people who aren’t necessarily in the same industry or niche as them. You want to find people who follow other “influencers” or popular users on Instagram. These are the people who will most likely respond to you.


When you find an influencer whose account is related to yours, check out their followers and their following list. Check to see if they follow people from different industries or niches. If they do, follow them first. And remember, your target audience has nothing to do with whether or not you will follow these people.


So when you try and engage an influencer on Instagram, don’t just comment on their last post. Make sure your comment has some depth and is related to their overall account. Don’t just send them a quick message that says, “follow me back,” either. That method works for bots but not for humans so that it won’t make a difference here.


And if you want to get an influencer response, don’t send the same message to everyone. Personalize what you say and try to figure out what they want. This will increase your response rate tenfold. The more personalized you are, the better your chances of being followed back. You can also use a website that allows users to track and unfollow specific users on Instagram.


Once you have started following a few people on Instagram, be patient and wait for them to follow you back. If, after 24 hours, no one has followed you back, then it’s time to go back and look for new people who might be interested in your account. Only follow people who are not just in the same niche as you but also have a lot of followers.