Planning an International Holiday on a Limited Budget? Use these five tips to Select a Low-cost International Airline

If you are planning a holiday but have a limited budget, then there are a number of international destinations that are sure to suit your pockets. A major consideration with international holidays is the expensive airfare. Fortunately, there are low-cost carriers that will take you to your destination at low price. How to select the best low-cost airline? Use the five tips mentioned in this post!

There are a number of international destinations that are very popular among travellers with a limited budget. While the destination itself is known to be inexpensive, what matters the most is the expensive airfare to that destination. Fortunately, there are several low-cost carriers that trim out some of the comforts and services of full-service carriers, but help you fly at an amazingly discounted price.

If you are searching for one such carrier, these five tips are sure to help-

Select around 3-4 from all the different options available for your destination, and then analyze them on the basis of the factors mentioned below.

  1. Check the Overall Reputation of the Carrier

With the increasing popularity of cheap internal holiday destinations and the number of flyers, even the number of low-cost carriers has increased significantly in the past few years. If you are looking for an airline for an international holiday, start by first checking the overall reputation and ratings of the carriers.

  1. Check the Baggage Fee

Most of the budget airlines charge an additional fee for the checked-in luggage. Even the total weight of luggage, a flyer is allowed to carry, varies considerably. While most of the carriers charge a fee per flight and per luggage unit, some of them charge a different fee for connecting and direct flights.

In such cases, an airline like Air Arabia can be an excellent choice as they ask you to pay for the luggage you’ll need. Moreover, they also allow you to pre-book luggage allowance online at the time of flight booking. Look for such carriers to avoid any inconvenience caused due to the luggage.

  1. In-flight Meals

No matter if you are looking for multiple connecting flights or a single long-haul flight, the number of in-flight meal options are very much limited in case of low-cost airlines. Moreover, in most of the cases, you’ll be required to pay for the meals you enjoy during the flight.

In case of long-haul flights, there is no option but to pay for the in-flight meals. However, you can pick a carrier which offers the option of pre-booking of the in-flight meal. This way you can book the type of meal you want to be served onboard at the time of booking the flight. This too generally proves cheaper than ordering a meal during the flight.

  1. In-flight Entertainment

You cannot just sit doing nothing on a long international flight. You need some form of entertainment to help you endure the long journey. You can check the in-flight entertainment facilities of all the different low-cost carriers that you have shortlisted and select the one which offers the best services.

 LCD with movies and videos, magazines, and newspapers are some of the things that you cannot find with a low-cost carrier that offers Mumbai to port Blair flights.

  1. Check the Frequent Flyer Program

Make sure that you also check the carrier has a frequent flyer program. Most of the budget carriers too now have excellent frequent flyer programs that can significantly benefit the flyers.

Right from earning miles, reward points, to discounts on bookings, there are many ways in which these programs can help. You can check the miles and rewards that you can earn for flying with a particular airline and select the one that offers the best benefits.

If you have a limited budget and still want to go on an international holiday, the factors mentioned above would help you select a low-cost carrier with cheapest of airfares to make sure that the airfare is not something you need to worry about.