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Visit Popular Places of London Conveniently by Hiring a Tour Guide

London, the capital city of United Kingdom is one of the most interesting place of this world. There is large number of tourists from different parts of world who visits this place through the year. London has several historical landmarks, cuisines, events and various activities and more. This city has good connection with other parts of England and also with different parts of world. This facility makes London more convenient to visit. Tours of London allows tourists to know more about wonderful history of this beautiful place.

Exciting Tours of London

London has different places of interests of tourists. There are several famous buildings, sporting venues, museums and many more. Crowds remain in the city throughout the year. Some of the places which a traveller must visit are Kensington Palace, the British Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens, Tower of London, Spencer House, Westminster Abbey, London Zoo, Houses of Parliament and many more. London has several attractions for tourists worldwide.

Tower Bridge of London

One of the most favourite places of tourists of London is cruise along River Thames and Tower of London. Tower of London is present on edge of city London and of Stepney. Tower Bridge is constructed during year 1886 to 1894 and attracts tourists coming from different parts of world.

The Tower was once a fortress, prison, royal palace, execution place, arsenal, menagerie, arsenal and mint. One of the major attractions of Tower is Jewel House which has world’s largest and historic sets of diamond. The Tower Pier is most often visited where rover launches are embarked while having a tour to Tower Bridge in London. River in front of bridge is a place for merry making for kids.

London Eye

One of the most popular landmarks because of its location on South Bank is London Eye, which is almost opposite Big Ben and Houses of Parliament and also because of its size. When it was built, it was largest passenger wheel in the world. Tickets are even cheaper when booked in advance. The wheel never stops while it’s operating hours and it’s time for completion of cycle is thirty minutes. One may watch out his or her photo near end of rotation.

Buckingham Palace

This landmark of London every person should visit in his or her life. It is residential place and workplace of British monarchy. This place was remodelled in year 1913 which is public facing part of palace now. There are also tours of some parts of the palace.

Hampton Court Palace

This spectacular palace is in Hampton which is next to river Thames. It is accessible from London by train to Hampton Court station. It is popular for its stunning gardens and buildings as well.

Guide for Tour

It is recommended that those visitors who are going to visit London for first time should hire a tour guide. Visiting London will be more convenient with help of tour guide. Few companies offer London tours on their private chauffeur to give privacy. A person may also visit London either by boat or bus.