Why Oman 5 Star Hotel Is The Hottest Travelling Spot

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Oman is one of the hottest places to visit right now and with rightful reason. Gorgeous mountains and water bodies surround the country, and you can easily book an oman 5 star hotel because there are quite a few—all of them with great service and amenities.  With great food, the relaxation that you get while visiting the country, the number of places that you can go on a hiking trip, and a bigger culture that you can imagine, Oman is the destination spot for the traveling season.

The View

The biggest reason why you should visit Oman is that it has its own Grand Canyon. It’s situated in the Al Hajar Mountains and is known as Wadi Ghul. It’s an 8 km depressed spot that extends up to 1000 m. If you want the Grand Canyon’s full experience, you will have to take out mere four hours of your day to visit the most popular track known as the Balcony Walk. This four-hour trip will leave you stunned with the amount of beauty it holds, showing an ancient abandoned village called Ghul and several oases.  You could also extend these four hours to head over to the highest mountain in the country and the Al Hajar range—Jebel Shams.


The Khareef Festival comes up as another solid reason why you should head over to the country. For those of you who don’t know, Shareef means monsoon or autumn in Arabic, and it’s a festival that is celebrated when the country is bathed in the rain and in the greenery that comes with this rain.  Salalah is an area in the country that holds several festivals in this rainy season, and if you want to make the most of the season and your visit to the country at the same time, you should go here.

Sand Dunes

Besides having mountains and great views of the ocean, Oman also has great dunes in its desert. Why do you think that the entire country is a desert, the Wahiba Sands are a whole other experience? They feature dunes of about 100 meters in height, and it most definitely has enough sand to fill up your socks.  You can probably find a lot more reasons than those mentioned above to visit a great country like Oman and enjoy your stay in the oman 5 star hotel. Most people think that the biggest reason one should visit the country is to visit it with anyone they want – family, friends or even a partner. The country is so beautiful that even if you end up going alone, you won’t be able to feel your loneliness.

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