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A lot of people are stuck behind their desks and computers on a daily basis, whether they are working, studying, finishing a project or just simply playing a video game which makes this specific hardware a very important tool in doing these things.

To give you more information about your LED monitors, and if you want to optimize it, here are some of the best tips for getting the most out of these electronic devices that play a very important role in our daily lives.

  • CALIBRATE IT TO DISPLAY BEST IMAGES/VIDEOS- Regardless if you are a graphic designer or a photo/video editor, color calibration will provide you a very consistent and accurate color that is displayed in the LED monitor or screen. This is important because this will tell if the colors displayed on the screen are accurate or not.
  • PLAY GAMES WITH HIGH RESOLUTION- Do not be afraid to change the game’s resolution to a higher definition resolution which you believe will not properly function because your monitor does not support this high-caliber resolution. Well, even if your monitor’s native resolution is not compatible with particular games, you can actually play it by tricking your monitor into displaying sharper and vivid images and colors during the gameplay by using anti-aliasing settings.

  • DISPLAY   IMAGES- Displaying high-resolution images like making it as the desktop wallpaper or if you are using the LED screen as your television, play some high-definition movies or videos to maximize its capacity. In this way, you can tell the performance of your monitor particularly its refresh rate, its response time, and other important aspects that determine the quality of the LED screen.
  • USE SHORTCUTS AND APPS TO TAKE FULL CONTROL OF THE MONITOR- Your LED screen or monitor has built-in tools that are installed there for basic setting teaks, but if you want to fully control the LED screen, you can install applications, or bind keys for a shortcut. You can install applications that can automatically adjust the screen’s colors, brightness, resolution and other stuff that calibrates or optimizes its full capacity. In this way as well, you can maximize its ability to function in a multiple-monitor setup that adds more displays and resolution which is very ideal for gaming and video displays.
  • PAIR YOUR MONITOR/SCREEN WITH A TABLET- Using the main monitor, you can actually offload some of the windows to your tablet which can be used to expand the screen’s real estate. You can also do this if you want your monitor to become remotely controlled by the tablet, just like using a remote control where you can freely browse through channels or hover the mouse using the screen of the tablet or a smartphone.
  • USE THE MONITOR/SCREEN FOR PHOTO EDITING- Monitors are designed to fully maximize and display the real colors, brightness, and textures of a picture or photo, you can determine the quality of the monitor or screen by using it for a photo or video editing. In this way also, you can determine the capacity of your monitor’s display features.

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